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Another year black chub fucked passed and that means it's time once again to take a surface level skim over the sweet buttermilk that is Pornhub's year in review.

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As we learned last yearPornhub loves collecting stats on the searches on its site. Youporn then, we've peered deeper into the porn statistics abyss, libertines porn everything from Fortnite to, well, Red Dead Redemption 2.

Ok, mostly video games, but you get the point.

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Pornhub Insights has delivered its 6th annual year in review, revealing everything that we were searching for on the site, in colorful infographics and charts, ready for our caffeine-fueled consumption. Because if you aren't loaded on something before you cannonball into the pool of porn statistics, then you just aren't running a peak Tuesday.

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And every year, that pool just keeps getting deeper and deeper. This year, there were 4. Also see: Every year, search every time some new video game is hot, Pornhub pulls out the acoustic guitar, sits down on youporn staircase and while making direct eye contact with us, sings "What if God Was One of Us" while stopping to youporn to make sure it has the chords right every other desire5k. That is to say, search analytics are frequent and of varying levels of interest, depending on how high on porn search you are.

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