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Wife felt up

Wife Felt Up Older Man /

Getting Started - This is something that happened to my wife and I and is our first taste of the cuckold world but hopefully not the last.

We had been wine tasting all day in the small wineries about an hour from home.

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We then went dancing at a local western bar. She danced with me and a few others, but nothing serious was happening so we went back to the wife bar in our old hotel.

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We had talked about stuff in bed but never expected anything to actually happen. As felt settled in, 2 cowboys from the western bar sweet t xxx in and sat close to us at the bar.

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My wife is a sucker for a young cowboy. We starting talking and drinking and my wife was very loose now. When she went to the bathroom I thought I would get things rolling so I told the bar tender I wife cover all the drinks, but he was to tell my wife that the payment was 1 button for 1 drink.

When she came back and felt another drink, he brought it to her, told her the payment.

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