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Swedish girls are sluts

Are belief quoted is almost universally shared among the Muslim population of Sweden, a nation more hospitable to aliens than any other in Northern Europe.

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After all, I am, as I keep mentioning in the hope of attracting a greater following, the founder, president and so far the girls member of the Charles Martel Society for Multiculturalism. Nor will I dare suggest that the sentiment in the title has anything to do with video she male inexplicable situation.

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Then again, Swedes must share in the collective guilt of all white people, especially since they look whiter than most. However, even though I refuse to accuse Muslims, statistics do that for me.

And these say that Muslims dominate the group of rape suspects.

Yes, Swedish Girls are Beautiful

According to these statistics, most perpetrators are immigrants, and most immigrants are Muslims. This is the case not only in Sweden but in the rest of Scandinavia too.

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In Oslo, immigrants, mainly Muslims, are involved in two out of three rapes. In Copenhagen, this figure is three out of four. But Sweden takes pride of place both in absolute sluts relative numbers. The absolute numbers are easy enough swedish explain: Of all convicted rapists there, 85 per cent were born abroad, and an overwhelming majority are Muslims.