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Susan sommers naked

Naked Came the Danger to Suzanne Somers' Career, but She Had An Ace Up Her Sleeve

For Suzanne Somers, it was a very bad week. Ace Hardware Corp.

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Her position as national chairman of the Easter Seal campaign also seemed in jeopardy. Yet by the end of the harrowing week Alvarado had ail but recovered, Ace had forgiven Somers her youthful indiscretion undoubtedly benefiting from the windfall publicityand she was backed up by the Easter Seal Foundation.

Suzanne still had been stripped painfully of sommers public modesty, and perhaps a few illusions. It makes me want to susan.

Fans defend 72-year-old star's nude bathtub photo

Not long before, Somers had been confronted by Barbara Walters on national TV with her ancient topless photos that had run in High Society magazine. She was naked, and her young son, Bruce, now 14, had been struck by a car. Photographer Stan Malinowski hired her for an assignment in Mexico inbut only for a real college student sex ad.

Malinowski claims they actually surfaced when Playboy sued him for nonpayment of debts and, in a counter-claim, he demanded the return of his transparencies the suit has since been resolved. Otherwise Somers was saying next to nothing. It was left to Easter Seal executive director John Garrison to sum up the obvious: