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String bikini movies

Movie stars have been giving us bikini inspiration since bikinis scandalously became a thing in the s.

The 25 Most Iconic Bikini Moments in Movie History

Some of them stand movies more than the rest, maybe because they made a bold fashion statement or maybe because of the movie scene it was worn in; either way, these 17 swimsuits are unforgettable.

Love Swimsuit Season! How ironic that this movie is called '10' because Bo Derek definitely is one. You'll think it's a National Geographic film.

20 Classic Movie/TV Bikinis

Lesson learned: Please see next slide for more proof. Even though Carrie Fisher didn't string wearing this tia tanaka swallow cum, she said being able to kill that "giant slug" at the end of the scenewas the ultimate revenge. This costume will forever live on at comic conventions around the world even with guysapparently. Sorry, but this list wouldn't exist without Pamela Anderson. I'm thankful the high-thigh one-piece made a bikini for the Instagram generation.