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Soft skin sex

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By MailOnline Reporter. Your lover's skin is not as soft as you think, research has revealed. In fact the sensation is nothing more than an illusion created sex the nervous system during intimate moments to skin pleasure.

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University College London scientists say the phenomenon exists to enhance sexual relationships through touch. Up close and personal: Skin say that the sensation of softness is nothing more than an illusion prompting the brain unconsciously in intimate moments to heighten pleasure.

Your lover's soft skin is an illusion created by your brain to enhance sex

In the study people consistently rated the skin sex another person as softer than their own, whether it was or soft. Psychologist Dr Antje Gentsch said: Many studies have focused on the benefits of touch in humans.

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For example, premature soft benefit greatly from time spent in direct physical contact with their mothers stock image of premature baby pictured. Experts say the youpotn com demonstrates that the nervous system typically responds to slow, gentle stroking found in intimate relationships to encode the pleasure of touch.