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Fewer than half of British men and women have sex at least once a week

Fewer than half of men and women in Britain aged have sex at least once a week, reveals a large study published by The BMJ today. The data show a general decline in sexual activity in Roman big dick between andwith the steepest declines among the over 25s and those who are married or living together.

There sex evidence that regular sexual activity is beneficial to health and wellbeing, but a recent decline has been xxa in several high-income countries in the proportion of people who are sexually active, and how often they have sex. The three surveys were completed inand and reported sexual activity included vaginal, anal, or oral sex with opposite or same-sex partners.

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Overall, the data show declines in people having sex between and The proportion reporting sex 10 or more times in the past month also fell during this xxa, from Declines in levels of sexual activity were evident across all age groups for women, and for all but the year old age group for men, but were largest among those aged 25 and over and those who were married or living together. For instance, the average number of xxa that year olds reported having sex in the past month fell from four to two among women and from four to three among men, and the odds of reporting sex 10 or more times in the past month halved.

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Similarly, among men and women who were married or living together, reported sexual inactivity sex the last month was higher, while the odds of reporting sex 10 or more times in the past month were roughly halved.

Declines of this magnitude were not seen among single people, suggesting that the trend towards lower sexual frequency overall is largely due to the decline among sexually active married or sex couples, say the authors. However, the data also show that close to half of all women