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A pleasant reminder that the more things change, the cum they stay the same.

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I refuse to find meaning for this behavior in But luckily, one man already did. Clearly Naudi Nala's parents didn't raise no bitch. Now, somebody call Tom Savini and lets finish this horror film right.

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Her name is premature but I prefer the moniker "reason I have to buy 2-ply toilet paper in bulk". Fun Fact 1: She's famous for making the world wait half a decade for clips action. Fun Fact 2: It's only 10 minutes into the all night sex party and this douche is about to bust his nut after a 30 second blowjob. Not wanting to end the night early, he awkwardly death grips his penis attempting to cease climax.

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Moar Orgies: A 25 year old boy suffering from both severe autism and chronic virginity has found hope in backpage. Will he finally lose his V card? Syphilis free?

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