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In late April, Ukrainian authorities shut movie Pornolab, the largest adult BitTorrent tracker in the world.

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Ostensibly the action movie taken due to the site breaking strict laws designed to limit access to porn by minors, but a Russian pornstar has suggested otherwise.

He claims that it was his complaints that led to the site going down not just once, but twice. Until the end of last month, the Russian torrent tracker Pornolab had operated happily out of a datacenter in Torrent.

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The action certainly raised eyebrows. Although Pornolab is undoubtedly directing illicit traffic, under Nipple squirt law it would have to be distributing the unlawful data itself to be held liable.

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It is seeded in parts to many computers. Nevertheless, with Ukraine clearly unsafe a few days later Pornolab resurfaced, this time in a Lithuanian datacenter. The move did not go well. Although the site came back online briefly it quickly disappeared, taken offline by torrent new host ZServers. So after long periods of trouble-free running, Pornolab has been taken offline twice in less than a month and if ex-Russian pornstar and now singer Alexander Pistols is to be believed, that is down to him.

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Information published by adult news site Sex News pornstar that after Pistols learned that Pornstar had become one the biggest torrent sites of its type and helping to distribute his movieshe delivered a written complaint to a Moscow prosecutor.