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Old pinoy bold movies

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What is it about: It's about Pacing's banana vendor, who happens to be an attractive young woman. Movies during Christmas season, the film was wildly popular due to its cheeky title and lead actress Rosanna Ortiz's performance. It's basically an erotic parody of "Dracula", but why does he have a bat shaped like a dildo?

A young woman suspects that her mother's fiance is sexually attracted to her so she confides everything to her boyfriend, who happens to work at her soon-to-be-stepfather's mechanic shop and is having an affair with another woman.

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Oddly enough, this erotic thriller has nothing to do with cats. A writer falls in love with his best friend's lover, and it's pinoy what happens next. It deals with the lives of prostitutes living in a brothel called jav vid W hat is it about: Cockfighting is the central subject old this film, but it's obvious why this was chosen as its title.

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It's an oddly serious film named after a popular novelty song about the fate of prostitutes in the chaotic city of Manila. Producers could have chosen a better title though.

19 Filipino Bold Movie Titles That Make You Say "WTF?!?!"

It's a sequel to a poverty porn movie movies "It was the Rainy Season Then, the Field was Wet" yes, it bears a slightly different title about a girl who lives an even more difficult life after drought made rice nearly impossible to harvest and she is forced to marry a wealthy bachelor bold being in love with her childhood friend. A tribeswoman wants to escape from her bold and sex-hungry husband who wouldn't mate with other tribeswomen in his harem until she gets pregnant. She gets an opportunity though pinoy a modern old enters their forest.