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Buddhist nuns are everywhere among the streets of Myanmar — of all gay twerk porn ages, some as young sex 5.

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Dressed in pink loose-fitting shirts and pants with orange scarves, they have shaved heads and rely on alms to pay for their schooling, food, housing, and other myanmar needs. The nunnery is a safe place in a country sex poor girls have very little hope for a safe future.

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Andrew Rothschild for Yahoo. In Myanmar, being a woman is hard, more so if you are poor and live in the north of the country, where tribes are still battling .com government. Girls in these areas are in a precarious position, constantly in danger of being trafficked across foreign borders.

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Myanmar people are trafficked to Thailand, China, Malaysia, South Korea, and Macau for sexual exploitation, domestic servitude, and forced labour. There are no reliable estimates on the number of people trafficked annually in Myanmar, although a total of trafficking cases were investigated victims female and 50 maleand traffickers were prosecuted. The number has not declined. Brave or Insane? There are girls as young as five in the convent.

Andrew Rothschild.