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My cousin fucked me

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I fucked my cousin

I fucked my cousin Written fucked Hornysunshineongenre first times Im a very very horny girl what can i say im young i love giving blow jobs and just getting fucked so i knew what i was doing i was just waiting to fuck any one that comes my way. So One day my cousins invited me to a kick back at there house everyone was drinking but me on the other hand needed to get wasted so whenever i did something out of line my excuse is i was to drunk.

I looked into the mirror i was so drunk and honry biting my lip i started rubbing my boobs i take my boobies out my shirt and start pinching my nipples silently moaning his name.

Then snapped out of it put my boobs away and i started laughing i told my self " im such a whore oh well and blew a kiss " i get out the restroom and start drinking liquor im feeling good and i receive a snapchat from my cousin and he was sitting across from me and he starts telling me you look drunk i told him i was and he starts asking me sexual questions i was so happy to tell him everything he asked me everything i have done i told him fucked you can think of i love getting my pussy fucked rubbed and licked then asked do you like sucking dick!

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I told him i love sucking dick its my favorite i really enjoy sucking dick. Then asked would you ever have sex with one of your cousins i told him why are you asking me he told just answer my question i wanted to tease him so i avoid his question it was 3 in the morning everyone was already gone and sleeping i stepped out side and my cousin followed me out side of his porch and told me to spend a night he said he had an extra room i said yes ill stay the night he gave clothes.

So he tells me i asked you something i want an answer i told him no i have never fucked one of my cousins and he asked which one of your family members would caroline pierce hd porn fuck i told him no one.

I wasnt worried about it.

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I told him this time i want anal and he shoves his dick in my ass it felt so good. The fact he cousin my cousin it turned me on times more.

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