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Mira furlan nude

Remember when The Doors sang "The West is the amber sativa Well, they were wrong. The East is where Yugoslavian beauty Mira Furlan nude from.

Mira Furlan nude

The problem is that for the early part of her career she only made films on the other side of the former Iron Curtain. She didn't become well known in America until she immigrated here in and started getting work on such notable programs as Babylon 5 and Sheena and as a voice artist on the hit animated series Spider-Man. Of course, she hasn't quite broken into American cinema just yet due to furlan budding TV career, but she was a huge star in her native country, where she racked up over thirty credits on TV and in the movies in just ten years.

Thankfully, she took the time to take on some roles in Yugoslavia, including a mira turn in Kiklop and some savory, full-frontal, furlan, bushy muffshish in Lepota poroka Both are nude.

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Mira, Mira on mira wall, you're the prettiest of them all! Lepota poroka - as Jaglika. Spadijer-jedan zivot - as Zdravka.

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