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O n the outside, I am a happily married, respectable, middle-aged woman.

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My husband is great — generous, good company, a wonderful father and grandfather. We wife an enjoyable, comfortable life.

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Then, three years ago, something changed. After a couple fm otk spanking operations, he fell into a long bout of severe depression, which resulted in a complete absence of physical affection. I became frustrated and desperate, and started fantasising about sex sex other men. My husband travels a lot, and husband he was away on a long business trip abroad, I discovered casual sex.

It was a revelation.

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I was amazed how easy it is for a woman to find lovers, and how many do. On the website I used, women outnumbered men hugely. While many of the men who look for sex in this way seem vulgar and semi-literate, there are a small minority who are lovely.

I have amazing, adventurous live with each of them, and they have also become friends.