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Stanley and Jake will be back visiting their sisters in the playroom for a few days next week while their new Mum, Kelly, attends her daughters wedding.

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Watch for them starting Thursday morning! Wanted to share with you! Not to bring everybody down, but I wanted to let you know that I've been looking after a feral cat community the last two years and just lost one of my lovely charges. Very sad because he was a big, beautiful, strong Tomcat and so full of life! Unfortunately, he tipped over an abandoned oil can with some toxic automotive fluid and got it on his paws, which he of course tried to lick off. It reminds us that garages can be very dangerous to our furry babies because car maintenance fluids can be cams or leaked and death by this type of poisoning is very fast and devastatingly painful.

I know how much you guys value your furry babies and want to keep them away love machine xxx such dangers, so I felt the need to post this warning.

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Blessings to all of kitty and your little angels! Mama kitty Ziva is in heat already and feeling pretty miserable these days, aunt judy mature explains why she's got her backside in the cams all the time.

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We're trying to get everybody scheduled for surgery, but kitten season is a bear due to the thousands of kittens coming through the system in California this time of year. However, despite her dire need to mate, she isn't willing to leave her babies, so she remains attentive. Such a wonderful mother!