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Jux is jux fractal explorer for 2D Julia and Mandelbrot sets. It includes a variety of formulas.

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It has beautiful coloring and lighting effects. It is easy to use. There is no formula editor or scripting.

JUX // A festival of music at the Brudenell Social Club // 20.02.16

The free version is limited to x anti-aliased rendering. Register to unlock the render size controls, enable batch rendering, allow exporting gradients in. Use the same location for personal data as before. Your own files should be kept separate from the Samples folder. If you already registered Jux, it is valid for v2.

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If you lose your registration key, just email us. Download Jux V2. Register Jux: Jux has built-in methods chosen for their simplicity, flexibility and aesthetics. You can use coloring alone, or modify it with heightfield lighting effects.