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How to cum on your own face

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Ask Your Question today. It puts the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again. You'd like that, wouldn't you.

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I'm curious, what is the most common place to cum on after jerking off? I ask this because the stomach doesn't seem that weird to me.

Now You Cum on Your Own Face - XConfessions – XConfessions

The face on the other hand is not what I would consider normal. The most common place to cum on after jerking off is in a tissue.

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You think Kleenex makes most of their money off runny noses? Two years ago my aunt and uncle died my 18 year old cousin came to live with us I was only 16, after five moths of living with us he and I started having sex, we do it all the time my parents don't know but I think I'm in love with him.

Is it normal to cum on your own face or stomach?

The sex is amazing he has all these weird fetishes like feet victoria sweet hd dressing up. When he came to live with us I was a innocent virgin who'd never even kissed a guy let alone done anything else with one. I confused 'cos he rarely ever talks to me other then when we're alone he barely treats like a human being, and the more we do it the more I want it, he's done horrible things like making me go to school with vibrators and love eggs in me before so he can torture me in class, I'm can't help but wonder am I his sex slave or a slave to my own desires?

It's a harmless thing to do! If you like it then keep doing it!