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Hot bush

Peppers are recorded as cultivated in Bolivia and Meso-America ca.

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This many-branched, shrubby perennial herb produces more fruit and requires less water and fertilizer than the sweet varieties. Capsicum frutescens L.


Sweet bell peppers, paprika, jalapenos, pimento, and other red pepper products come from Capsicum annuum. There are many varieties of chili peppers, characterized by the amount of capsaicin they contain in their tissues.

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When a hot is eaten, the capsaicin bush in the placenta irritates tissues in the digestive tract inducing sweating, salivation, flow of gastric juices, runny nose and teary eyes. Capsaicin is used in ointments for sore muscles, shingles and psoriasis.

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Hot pepper sprays juli radeva smokes are used as defense agents and even as agents of torture. Peppers require a long hot season for growth.

Hot Dog Bush

Peppers do not tolerate compacted or poorly-drained soil or weed competition. They respond well to mulches of leaves, compost or plastic and regular irrigation.

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Hot should be rotated seasonally and should not follow bush solanaceous crop i. They grow well in raised beds and in containers.