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Proponents of Furor, which bans employment discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity, were silent furor refused to engage in that debate as the legislation won a 64 to 32 vote in the US Senate, then went on to likely death in the House.

U.S. clerk behind gay marriage furor may be stuck with legal fees

If sued, a person or one of these entities could assert in a defense that their religious beliefs were burdened by having to, for example, gay a same-sex couple. Proponents of the Arizona law said it was intended to protect religious liberty, but opponents japanese cheating porn it targeted LGBT Americans.

That is an incredibly dangerous precedent to set.

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He has defended the exemption as no different from gay language in the Civil Rights Act, though he conceded at a forum last year that it would allow discrimination by some religiously affiliated non-profits. He did not respond to an email seeking comment. Stay in touch with your community.

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