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Extra long nipples

If you've ever long your nipples looked kind of unusual, you're definitely not alone.

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It's pretty common for women to worry about their breast health, as well as whether or not everything looks as it "should. Since they come in all shapes and sizes, it's pretty likely your nipples are totally normal — and healthy — nipples as as they are.

Whether you have extra long nipples, or ones that are redtuby com inward otherwise known as "inverted"it's all well within normal range. You should, however, note any changes in your nipples or breasts, especially if they're sudden. For the most part though, most types of nipples are considered healthy.

Milk leaking from extra-long nipples

Read on for some common shapes, sizes, and colors, and know that they're nothing to worry about. Inverted nipples may not look "normal" to you, but they're actually incredibly long.

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In fact, as Dr. While they can occasionally make breastfeeding difficult — if you should choose to nipples that — they won't cause any other issues. While both nipples can be inverted, it's also possible to have one that is and one that isn't.

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Many woman have a nipple surrounded by a round ring of color known extra the areolabut this isn't true for everyone. Flat nipples, as well as extra ones, are perfectly healthy, too. These are more common for girls in their pre-teens and teens, but Shainhouse tells me they can stick around into adulthood. You know those little bumps on your areola around the nipple?