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Daylight dogging

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Some of us city bods like a brisk walk along the River Thames, a quick pint in a beer garden or daylight trip down to the local farmers market. And other Londoners like dogging take a trip down to their local dogging spot for some intimate fun with a bunch of strangers. Doggers engage in or watch sexual activity in a public place and although the 'hobby' sounds crass, it's probably happening closer to home than you might think.

And it seems that there are no shortage of people prepared to indulge in a spot of dogging and South London appears to be the friskiest location dogging grab a bit of the alfresco action. A host of dogging list the "best" spots for doggers to engage in the daylight pastime.

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Some of the spots include a famous landmark, next to a royal household and a supermarket car park, I guess it's true that mums do go to Iceland! According to one site the public toilets in Leaves Green is a popular spot for those who enjoy daylight all day", we'll take their word for it. One website suggests Fridays and Saturdays are the times to visit, sport porn hd that "there is a wooded area and so hiding places to have some fun".

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Apparently there is a spot close to the tram stop that's a favourite meeting place. Maybe it is best not to look out of the window next time you are passing on the tram!

One reviewer advises on exactly how to get on all the action at Coombe Lane:

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