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Cuckold texting

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Sexy Text Messages from My Wife - I was just coming home from work when my wife told me she was going to meet up with her best friend's boyfriend Knowing my wife's elusive history, I knew exactly what texting meant.

Sitting on the bed watching her change into a tight black halter top and jeans that made her ass look plump and delicious, I texting her to tell me what she was planning but she decided to keep it all a mystery.

Suddenly I felt a bulge in my pants. She looked incredible and I almost wanted to pounce on her right then.

Text Messages

She gave me a kiss on her cheek, handed me my cell phone and told me to keep it near. She drove away, ready to entertain this man with the body I could hardly resist. Within half an hour she texted me telling me "He's staring at cuckold boobs. I can tell he wants me now.

Wife Texting Husband While She is Having Sex with Lover

I texted her, thirsting for cuckold minute detail. Yea right It was all quiet for about twenty minutes. I couldn't help myself but fbb rapture her "What's going on??