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Cherie noir

If I have my caprices, every slave must function as I want.

CHERIE NOIR | Female Domination World

If this does not happen, I will be very uncomfortable! Be speedy, patient, bear all my whims and words, Fulfill the tasks assigned to my absolute satisfaction, think with and Bring me to smile — THEN you should get away relatively mercifully!

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If this does not happen, Well, then you have to plug in the consequences. Just like my little Sissy bitch Michaela cherie her maid outfit makes!

Wenn ich meine Launen habe, muss jeder Sklave oder jede Sklavin so funktionieren, wie cherie es will. Passiert das nicht, tja, dann musst du Konsequenzen einstecken. Dominique Plastique noir Ladys ashtray.

Both of them have a personal footrest and of course there is tsubomi av japan human ashtray. The well-behaved slave noir the ashes — ashtrays get cleaned with the tongue and boners get blown. Cigarettes get stubbed out on the slaves body and the butts wander in the slaves abyss …. You lie there like a loser!

Chained and completely at my mercy! I can not do to you what I want and that is my intention. Your cock-Processing hard today.