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Brent everett wedding

Gay porn star Brent Everett and his boyfriend and event wedding Steve Pena will settle down and take advantage of California's legal gay marriage to say their "I do's" to one another in a ceremony slated for Oct. The pair originally planned to wed brent a military base but abandoned the idea after difficulty cutting through the red tape to make it happen, reported Everett.

Brent Everett’s big surprise

Canadian native Everett, also known as Dustin Germain, everett the wedding invite on his blog. The ceremony and reception are private to invited family and friends but Everett and Pena are opening up an after party to the public inviting people to join them for a celebration in the VIP room at San Diego's Flame Nightclub beginning at 10 p. Everett, 24, a porn star, model and director first made the scene in and has since starred in several productions.

Early in his career Everett was the centerfold of Freshmen magazine. The happy couple are registered at Bed, Wedding and Beyond but gifts are optional, Everett posted on his blog. Copyright Gaywired.

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