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Brandon and daniel sean cody

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Daniel is a dirty boy… kirsten imrie vintage put him with a fucking hunk like Brandon and he goes absolutely nuts! Daniel bottoms again! Daniel is great standalone and in general, but realtalk: Loa I had never been so in agreement with you… my feelings exactly… Daniel stole the thunder here and I care less about Brandon either… yes he is cute, but Daniel is better by far.

This scene is great for the simple reason that Daniel is in there!

Fuck Vs. Fuck: Everybody Wins When Aidan & Daniel Are Bottoming

The kissing in this scene was so hot. The way he commands a scene… wow. A-U-T-O-matic with these two. You bitches get so turned on by Daniel, it makes no sense.

Brandon, Daniel - Bareback [HD p/SeanCody/] |

Brandon is one sexy Libra though. He can get it… mm mm.

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What is the verdict Dio?